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MathXpert: software to help you learn mathematics. Now free!

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  • Students: learn at your own pace, get help when you need it, learn math thoroughly. Get an A.

  • Students: Now that MathXpert is free, you can use it in all your STEM courses.

  • Parents: MathXpert is easy to use and can help your children, and help you help your children.

  • Algebra teachers: All your students can learn algebra. Leave no student behind.

  • Calculus teachers: MathXpert supports a full year of calculus including all AP Calculus AB topics.

  • University professors: MathXpert can be used for a full year of university-level calculus.

  • Engineers (and anyone else): Brush up your mathematics privately and at your convenience.

  • If you prefer French, German, Italian, or Spanish: MathXpert can use those languages as well as English.

What it is like to use MathXpert:

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