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 Contact Help With Math by email at contactHelpWithMath "at" You will have to replace "at" with the usual symbol. Email addresses are not case-sensitive so you can type it all in lower case if you like.

We found that if we place our email address correctly on a web page, and especially if we make it clickable, we get thousands of spam emails that make it very difficult to avoid losing a genuine customer email. Use this same email address for all correspondence. To help us file the email you could include key words in your subject line:

sales for questions involving payment
support for technical, but not mathematical, support
feedback to tell us how you like MathXpert, how you are using it, or how it could be improved
math for questions about solving specific problems in MathXpert

Our mailing address is

Help With Math
185 View Ct.
Aptos, CA 95003-4612


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