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I'm a student. How can MathXpert help me?

To succeed in mathematics, one must be able to solve the problems. MathXpert can help you learn to solve the problems in your mathematics course. Let's look at this claim in more detail.
What are the reasons why you may not be succeeding at mathematics? There are several common reasons:
  • You don't put time on task and so keep falling even further behind.
  • Even if you do put time on task, you can't do the problems because you didn't understand the teacher's examples or the textbook's examples.
  • You are missing a prerequisite skill (or skills) and so cannot solve this week's problems.
  • You may be paralyzed by fear of failure.
Some reasons for not putting time on task can also be listed:
  • Discouragement caused by past failures, resulting in lack of confidence.
  • Peer attitudes towards mathematics and studying.
  • Frustration arising from lack of success when you do try to do your homework.
These are big problems, and not primarily of a mathematical nature, so it's a lot to ask of MathXpert to solve these problems. But it does have an important role to play. The general plan here is that what you need most is some actual success. Once you can solve some mathematical problems, you will start to think Hey, I can do this after all! This is where MathXpert comes in. If you're willing to put in some time with MathXpert, it can help you cut through the frustration. You can't make a mathematical mistake with MathXpert! You start by inputting your homework problem (OK, that requires a little patience to learn how to do). Then you solve it, step by step, with MathXpert to assist you. That's why it's called MathXpert Algebra Assistant (or Precalculus Assistant, or Calculus Assistant, as the case may be). If you don't have a clue what to do next, just press Hint, or ShowStep, and you'll get immediate help. Of course, you're going to have to think and concentrate--that can't be avoided if you want to learn mathematics. But, you're not going to have to be frustrated ever again.
You know that there are plenty of good reasons why you should succeed in mathematics--we'll leave it to your parents to deliver the sermon on that subject. But as of today, you no longer have the excuse that it's just too hard. With MathXpert, you can do it as soon as you decide to do it.