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Can MathXpert really solve my own homework problems, or just some pre-stored problems?

Yes, MathXpert can accept problems that you enter yourself. You might type them in directly from your homework, or just make them up. Of course, if you are a mathematician you probably can make up problems so difficult that MathXpert cannot solve them, but MathXpert should be able to solve problems that might occur in textbooks.
Not only can MathXpert solve your problems, it can help you solve your problems. It can give you hints, or show you how to take just one more step. Unless you ask it to do so, it's not going to suddenly solve your whole problem. Instead, it will help you to figure out how to solve it yourself.
On the other hand, MathXpert doesn't solve word problems. It only accepts mathematical expressions and equations, not problems stated in English or French or Russian. Once you get the equations, though, MathXpert can help you finish a word problem.