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Can I use MathXpert to learn math without taking a class?

MathXpert is designed to replace blackboards and homework, but not teachers and books. You can learn mathematics with the aid of MathXpert and a book and a teacher. You do not necessarily need a class. You cannot learn mathematics with MathXpert alone: you definitely need a book. Whether you need a teacher is less certain, but to do without one you would need to be very independent, self-motivated, and confident. A teacher plays many roles: not only subject expert, but also coach, cheerleader, support group, and guide. To some extent MathXpert can assume the role of subject expert, but the other roles are also vital.
MathXpert has been used successfully by some home-schoolers. Its ability to take on the role of subject expert may be very helpful in the home-school situation, as a parent has a natural inclination to serve as coach, cheerleader, and support group; but the parent would still need to have enough competence to serve as guide to the subject, even if MathXpert is available to help with the detailed expert knowledge.
In the category of those who might do well without a teacher, I place people who have already had mathematics once, but would like to sharpen their skills. Even if they have forgotten almost everything, such people do have an overall conception of the subject and an independent motivation. Working engineers may find MathXpert useful to improve their mathematics; the same goes for teachers and adults in other professions as well. You can use MathXpert at home on the schedule that fits your life, and in complete privacy.
One final caution: If you do plan to use MathXpert on your own, don't try to do it without a textbook. MathXpert is designed to replace blackboards and homework, but not teachers and books.