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MathXpert: software to help you learn mathematics.

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MathXpert is easy to use

  • Carrying out a calculation

    To take the next step, you use the mouse to select a term to work on, then you choose an operation from a short menu of possibly relevant operations. You do not have to type anything or memorize any commands. Since MathXpert carries out the operation for you, no mistake in the mechanics is possible. You can concentrate on choosing what to do.
  • Working with a graph

    The tools in the Graph Toolbar permit you to zoom out and zoom in (on the horizontal and vertical axes separately); to select a rectangle for the next drawing; to move a cursor (the Point and Slope tool) along the graph to display the numerical values of points on the graph and the slope at that point; and to change the values of parameters in the formula, so you can see how the graph changes if those values change. (Parameters are extra letters in the formula, for example b in y = x + b.)
  • Getting a problem to work with

    You can select one of MathXpert's more than 1600 pre-stored problems, without having to type anything. Or, perhaps your teacher has prepared a homework file for you, so you can get your own homework without typing. Finally, if you want to enter your own problem, and your teacher hasn't done it for you, there is no avoiding it: you must type it in. To start with, choose Edit on a similar problem provided by MathXpert, and you will see what form MathXpert expects you to type. Entering problems into MathXpert is easier than entering them into a scientific calculator.