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Calculus includes Precalculus and Algebra. Precalculus includes Algebra.

One-semester versions will run for five months from the date of purchase. You must be connected to the Internet to run these versions.

Grapher only makes graphs; no symbolic mathematics.

MathXpert runs on any version of Windows. You can run it on a Mac using Parallels or BootCamp, or on Linux using WINE.

For individualsPrice Quantity
MathXpert Calculus Assistant $89.95
MathXpert Precalculus Assistant $69.95
MathXpert Algebra Assistant $49.95
MathXpert Grapher $19.95
For one-semester use only Price Quantity
MathXpert Calculus Assistant (one semester) $34.95
MathXpert Precalculus Assistant (one semester) $29.95
MathXpert Algebra Assistant (one semester) $24.95

For school computer labs Price Quantity
MathXpert Calculus Lab License $1750.00
MathXpert Precalculus Lab License $1350.00
MathXpert Algebra Lab License $750.00

Lab licenses are good for a single-room lab of up to 35 computers.