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Privacy policy

  • Your credit card number is never even momentarily stored on our server. It is encrpyted by your browser and passed through in encrypted form to our payment processor. Our server never sees it unencrypted and does not store either the encrypted or the unencrypted form of your credit card number.
  • We do store your name, address, and email address, so that we can recover your serial number if you lose it (assuming you remember what information you gave us), and so we can send you a copy of your serial number and (in case of certain products) a download link. But we do not send you unwanted email and we never sell or give away or "share" your email address.

Warranty, upgrades, and license

  • We warrant that our software will run substantially as advertised. If you have trouble getting it to run on your machine, we will assist you. If we fail to get it to run (this has never happened!) we would refund your money.
  • We will never try to charge you for an "upgrade" to run on the same computer. You can always use your serial number to download the then-current version of the MathXpert software that you purchased. We fix bugs and occasionally add new features, and we don't try to charge you again for those things.
  • Your license allows you to install the software on up to four computers that you own and that are located in the same home. As many people as you like can use those machines.
  • There are also lab licenses suitable for schools.

Refunds and cancellationss

  • Our product is software; it is not returnable.
  • If you are worried by the non-refundability of software purchases, try the free trial version first. That should enable you to decide if you really want the software or not.